Monday, May 4, 2015

West Virginia Waterways May Be Polluted by the Practice of Fracking.

A new study shows that ammonium and iodide two hazardous chemicals never known as oil and gas industry pollutants are spilling into waterways in areas of the Mountain State.  The toxic substances which can have a devastating impact on the entire ecosystem as well as human health are extracted from geological formations along with natural gas and oil during both hydraulic fracturing and conventional drilling operations.

What happens next is that the chemicals find their way into streams and rivers.  Believe it or not this process is both unintentional AND intentional as treatment plants deliberately release this contaminated water!  Should it be regulated or stopped?  According to author Avner Vengosh a geochemist at Duke University “That's not even science; it's common sense”.  According to experts iodide and ammonium are NOT regulated or monitored in any of the oil or gas drilling operations currently going on.

This is a today problem…not one for your grandchildren.  The Masters Law Firm, helping people throughout the great state of West Virginia, wants you to be aware of it.  Please call them anytime at (800) 342-3106.

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