Monday, June 15, 2015

Summertime…Fun time.

Summertime in West Virginia is so special…isn’t it?  We shed the bounds of chilly weather and get out and do things that are harder or even impossible during the winter months.  The Mountain State is blessed with both natural and man-made wonders.  You already knew that, but when you have been cooped up for months you may have forgotten all that there is to see within driving distance.

Here is a list of just a handful of West Virginia’s most popular attractions. 

1.)  New River Gorge Bridge (Fayetteville) 
2.)  Coopers Rock State Forest (Bruceton Mills)
3.)  Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (Harpers Ferry)
4.)  Lost World Caverns (Lewisburg)
5.)  Blackwater Falls State Park (Davis)
6.)  The State Museum (Charleston)
7.)  American Mountain Theater (Elkins)
8.)  Cass Scenic Railroad State Park (Cass)
9.)  Spruce Knob (Riverton)
10.) Seneca Rocks State Park (Seneca)

When you think about it, people travel from other states to come and visit the wonders of West Virginia.  And here they are along with many, many more right in your own backyard.  Your friends at the Masters Law Firm, proudly serving all of the amazing state of West Virginia, wish you a safe and happy summer.  Go explore!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Swimming Pool Safety.

What is the best way to keep your child safe around the swimming pool this summer?  Adults may feel that they have better things to do, but nothing could be more important than to make sure that a functionally able swimmer of teenage or up be watching while children are playing in or around a swimming pool.  In the case of an infant or toddler an adult should be in the pool at arms-length at all times.  Even with older children someone of adult age should be concentrating on them at all times…not checking their cell phone.

If you are the owner of a swimming pool you must stick to a certain set of rules such as:

Empty blow-up pools after each use.
No toys that can be ridden around the pool.
No electrical appliances near the pool.
No diving in a swimming pool that is not deep enough.
Absolutely no running or roughhousing on the pool deck.

The Masters Law Firm serving all of West Virginia wants you to have a safe and wonderful summer.  The season is much too short, enjoy it safely and to the fullest.  And remember, if you ever need the services of the Masters Law Firm they are a phone call away from anywhere in the Mountain State at (800) 342-3106.