Thursday, March 5, 2015

Driving Behind a School Bus.

As you know, driving around school buses requires experience, understanding, and patience.  School buses are safe modes of transportation, but drivers of automobiles can make for a very dangerous situation.

If you see a school bus in your lane or coming towards you, pay close attention to what it is doing.  Give the bus extra space and be prepared to stop suddenly as it loads or unloads the kids.  Because they are walking on or near the road, kids are in some danger when they get on or off the bus.  It’s up to the cars around them to keep a close watch and make sure the coast is clear before continuing on.

 With that in mind, here are some cardinal rules to follow:

·         School buses are required to stop at railroad crossings, so be ready to hit the brakes if you're behind one.
·         School buses travel at slower speeds. Expect to slow down and only pass when the bus driver signals you to go by.
·         Pay attention to any stop signs or signals on the bus.

The Masters Law Firm of Charleston wants all kids to complete their daily journey safe and sound.  Be extra cautious when traveling anywhere near any West Virginia school bus.

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