Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Raleigh General Letter Re: Heart Stent Surgery

Raleigh General Hospital located in Beckley West Virginia is currently investigating whether certain heart procedures performed by a doctor there were necessary.  An ongoing internal review showed cases in which the patient’s condition may not have warranted the placement of a stent. According to one source the doctor has been identified as Dr. D. Kenneth Glaser.  Another source indicates that the doctor no longer works at Raleigh General.

Raleigh General Hospital issued the following statement: 

Providing quality care to our community is Raleigh General Hospital's top priority.

As a part of the hospital's quality oversight program, we recently identified some patients at our hospital who received cardiac stents from a physician that may not have been clinically appropriate. The physician in question is no longer practicing at our hospital. We hired independent medical experts to perform an objective review of all stent cases involving the physician in question.

We are not aware of anyone in the cases reviewed who has experienced an adverse reaction to a stent they received, but out of an abundance of caution, we have contacted all patients who received a stent that may not have been warranted by their condition to offer them a follow-up meeting with an interventional cardiologist or physician of their choice at no cost.

We have set up a special phone number – 800-494-2848 – which anyone with questions about this matter can call at any time.

If you, a loved one, or friend has been affected by a Stent received from Raleigh General, Call The Masters Law Firm, L.C. at 800-342-3106 for a free consultation.

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